Pol Ballonga was born in Barcelona (1996).

He searches in art a method to translate all those intangible energies and transfer them to the tangible world, materializing those sensitive and inexplicable states by giving them form and volume.

He wants to ensemble the feelings, sensations and experiences lived and thus create unconscious hieroglyphics. Symbolic figures that keep the history of a time lived frozen in an eternal and immobile instant that escapes time and death.

Focusing in human figure and its expression the artist creates poetic images. With which he wants to open the doors to reflection and personal introspection.




«Mist» Art Sant Roch, Ceret, France. 2021 

«Mirror» Dual Gallery, Girona, Spain. 2020 

“Dimensions” Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 2020

“Escorça” El Claustre de Sant Domenech, Peralada, Spain. 2018 

“Primitiu” Centre Cultural La Mercè, Girona, Spain. 2017

“Introspecció” La Cova de la Volta, Girona, Spain. 2017




«Casual Magazine Exhibition» Palooza, Barcelona. 2021

«Welcome Home Art» 3Punts Gallery, Barcelona. 2021

«Art Lover Ground» Espronceda Art Center, Barcelona. 2019

«Young Barcelona Artists» Flamicell Cotemporary Art Gallery, Barcelona. 2019

“Escultures al claustre” Centre Cultural La Mercè, Girona. 2018

“Premi escultura 2018” Fundació Vilacasas – Museu Can Mario, Palafrugell. 2018

“Collective” Es-fera 72, Sant Cugat del Vallés. 2018

“Lluïment” Jardins de la Mercè, Girona. 2018

“Mestral” Galeria Mestral, l’Escala. 2017

 “Inund’art” La Casa de la Cultura, Girona. 2016

“Ruta de l’art” Claustre convent de Santa Clara, Castelló d’Empúries. 2016

“Mirall” Galeria Mestral, l’Escala. 2016

“Collective space Galeria Artevistas, Barcelona. 2015




Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Finalist, 2020

Finalist in competition Premi d’Escultura Fundació Vilacasas, Palafrugell 2018.

Art award Kreas, Girona 2016.

Galeria Mestral, artist in residence. L’Escala 2016.

La Volta, artist in residence. Girona 2016.